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During my brief time at Comcast’s Einstein Team, I worked on a redesign of the Agent Overview Dashboard for the internal support software Einstein 360. While this project was unfortunately scrapped when our design team faced our contracts getting short, I learned a lot through the process and was a great example of my current design process for a single feature.


When I was first given the spec for this feature, the team was told to focus on making one dashboard useful for the 3 specializations of agents, Billing Support,Repair Support and Troubleshooting. There are times that call for more than just a sketch to explain an idea to a team and I had an idea for a specific interaction that could help solve the problem.
This idea allowed you to expand the tile for the feature, while still showing other tiles.  Based on feedback, I found that the extra level of expansion of the tile wasn’t really necessary and we could find better ways to display more information after expanding only one level. From there I hit the sketchbook to working through this flow.
After drawing out a few ideas, I came to one where I made the tiles different sizes based on frequency of use, this allowed for more at a glance info for tiles like Billing and Repair, without having to sacrifice the minor information an agent would want to see from those less important panels (“SmartConnect Recommendations” and “Device Health” ). I then took those sketches into Adobe XD and made a lo-fi click-through prototype showing the expanded view of all the tiles and how the other tiles react to each other. Showing this to stakeholders allowed me to clearly explain my idea and they were able to help me narrow down what kind of information would be the most beneficial to expand upon when going from the “At a Glance” view to the expanded tile view.


For a practice exercise, I applied Einstein 360s current app styles and components, showing what the designs would have looked like as high quality deliverables. I made the most out of what I worked out and was able to learn a great deal with a super talented design team that still keep in touch with to this day.